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Ba$!c@LLy Fr@uDsTeR aimbot
niemil91Dátum: Vasárnap, 2018-02-11, 22:11 | Üzenet # 1
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Regisztrált: 2018-01-30
I'm Sweidsh and cannot type in hungary language, I hope anyone of you can English (I only see people write hungarian in-game even if I tell them english when I see them typing my in-game name).
I like this server but I hate when cheaters comes into it.
Currently there's a cheater named Ba$!c@LLy Fr@uDsTeR, he made obvious headshoot-only kills. I went to spectator and sure enough his aim is shaking and makes headshoots.

SteamID: STEAM_1:0:775809170

DEMO: https://data.hu/get/11039492/NiCEcheater1.dem
MASKEDDátum: Hétfő, 2018-02-12, 08:44 | Üzenet # 2
Csoport: Adminisztrátor
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Regisztrált: 2012-06-07
Hy there!

Thank you for your help and support!
And about language: The most of the players are hungarian kids, who cant speak and dont understand english as well or at all (honorable exceptions), this is the reason why they writing to you only hungarian!

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